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Our Story

The Rainbow Neon Sign Co was founded in 1945, just after World War II.

"My father, Lloyd S. Coley, studied Art and Design at Weber State University and started working at Marveon Signs in the early 50’s (located in Ogden, Utah).
A few years later he began working at Rainbow as their lead Designer.  Back then all sketches were hand drawn with colored pencils and airbrushes. Rainbow was located on 11th east and Wilson Avenue in sugar house, the company slogan back then was “pioneers of the sign industry.” Lloyd became a partner in the company in the early 60’s. Rainbow then moved closer to our current location just around the corner on 3510 so. 300 west. He became the full owner in the mid 80’s. He taught me most importantly--there is no substitute for honesty.

I started working here in the early 70’s generally sweeping up around the shop and watching with fascination on how things got made. I spent many days digging holes, just excited to be out in the field. My father made sure I knew every facet of the business, from neon tube bending, hand lettering and layout, painting, service and installation. In 1993 I purchased Rainbow from my father and became sole owner at the age of 33.

Rainbow's history is closely linked to its talented and loyal work force, one employee reached 40 years with us this year (2016), another 30 and many more in the teens. What this amounts to is a solid stable work force that has been trained to give our customers unmatched quality and service.

I live and breathe signs, it gets in your blood, we will build you the finest sign possible and you will know it’s a labor of love from the top down!"

- Vincent Guy Coley, Owner

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